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Ages ago Bharat Varsh (India) heralded “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” (Entire world is one big family).India is a living example of “unity in diversity” where numerous religions have been coexisting peacefully for centuries. However, myopic vision of many a political parties is eroding the foundation built upon ‘unity in diversity’ by dividing people on the basis of religion, region, caste, sub-castes, etc. The division of citizens on the basis of region is so severe that in our own country, people from NE States like Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Nagaland, Assam, Manipur, etc. are considered as foreigners in Rest of India. My Home India is working as an ambassador strengthening national harmony across the country.

We can’t ignore importance of youth & children in nation building. Youth are our “Present” but children hold our “Future”. It is very important to ensure all-round development of children to secure a bright future for the country.

In line with above philosophy, we focus our efforts on two primary activities:-

bulletred001 Emotional integration of rest of India with the North Eastern States & to further bolster feeling of brotherhood all across North eastern states.
bulletred To work on reunification of children rescued and brought to Children’s homes across India with their parents.

Our Vision

My Home India believes “Home is where child should be” and this is why we give special emphasis to reuniting children with their families. It is only in rare cases where reunification is not possible at all or the family has itself caused trauma to the children, we rehabilitate the children elsewhere. Our goal over next five years is to reunite all children in Children’s Homes with their families all over the country

Strengths of My Home India

bulletred001 Nationwide presence enabling us to reach out to Children’s Homes in many states all over country
bulletred Presence in 65 centers & growing each day to even newer locations.
bulletred Operates 24X7 helpline with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Lucknow, Varanasi, Chandigarh and various other cities.
bulletred Strong credentials/testimonials earned by hard work all over the country.
bulletred Keeps in constant touch with children after reunification/rehabilitation.
bulletred Team of dedicated 40 fulltime coordinators and Pan India base of volunteers.
bulletred We don’t take any donations from the beneficiary.
bulletred Open for all with no membership fees.
bulletred Very few organization in this field.

Founder Profile

Sunil Deodhar

Shri Sunil Deodhar has been associated with various welfare activities since beginning. His profound oratory skills, selfless efforts & speeches at various forums have inspired countless people to this cause. He has worked extensively towards integrating “rest of India” with our beautiful North Eastern states. Being an able administrator possessing excellent leadership skills, he was made the Campaign Manager of Shri Narendra Modi’s Varanasi Constituency during general elections 2014. Earlier, he has also played crucial role in party’s electoral victories in many states of India.

He is a RSS activist and worked in underprivileged localities of Mumbai via various social services projects like ‘Baal Mitra Vachanalaya’ educational initiatives for slum dwelling students, etc.

A brief about Shri Sunil Deodhar:

bulletred001 Shri Sunil Deodhar was born on 29 September 1965 at Pune &did his initial schooling at Mumbai and Pune.
bulletred He completed MSc. (Inorganic Chemistry) & B.Ed from Mumbai University.
bulletred He joined Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh (RSS) in 1985 and became full time Pracharak in 1991. Pracharak is a person who leaves his home to spread the organization and its ideology in a selfless manner.
bulletred He was sent to Khasi and Jaintiya hills of Meghalaya, a North Eastern state. He worked for RSS tirelessly in this unchartered territory, which was plagued by insurgency, terrorism, infiltration & drug trafficking. He took locals from these regions to various parts of country to introduce social projects that can be executed in Meghalaya. He also brought to the fore forgotten heroes of Meghalaya. He initiated projects like ‘Sevaa Bharati’, giving vocational skills to female population of Meghalaya since it is a ‘MatruSattak’ society (a society that accepts dominance of female legacy unlike rest of India). He chose the model of approaching society through educational, vocational & cultural activities for broadening the thinking of local people.
bulletred After completing 11 years as Pracharak, he returned to Mumbai in year 2001. He opted out of full time work as Pracharak; however he remained committed to the ideology and conducted various educational activities for underprivileged students.
bulletred He conceptualized ‘My Home India’. Along with 17 other noted personalities and social workers from 10 states of country, he founded My Home India in 2005. He has been working for sensitizing rest of India about North east India and has expanded the scope of activities to include children welfare activities.
bulletred Due to his exemplary work in North east region, he was appointed National Convener of ‘North East Sampark Cell’of Bharatiya Janata Party in the year 2010
bulletred In 2010, he instituted ‘O.N.E. (Our North East) India’ Award in Mumbai to felicitate achievers from North East states of India for their outstanding contributions to the national cause.
bulletred To make the people aware and understand the finer aspects of the various problems of the North East India, he authored a book titled “Purvanchalache avhan ani aavaahan” in Marathi language. The book was well accepted and its 8th edition was published recently. He also writes regular articles in various newspapers and magazines elaborating the current issues of North-East India
bulletred He campaigned for BJP in state elections in Gujarat (2012), Goa (2012), Delhi (2013) and Maharashtra (2014) and contributed his bit to the Bharatiya Janta Party’s (BJP) thumping victory in all state elections.
bulletred In 2013 he instituted Karmayogi Award Delhi on the lines of O.N.E. India award in Mumbai.
bulletred In 2013 Delhi assembly elections, BJP entrusted him with the responsibility of managing poll campaigns of 10 constituencies falling within South Delhi Lok Sabha constituency, out of which BJP won 7 seats.
bulletred In May 2014, he was made Campaign manager for Varanasi constituency of Shri Narendra Modi. He campaigned in Varanasi for almost two months and successfully led the campaign.
bulletred In 2014 Maharashtra assembly elections, he managed Bharatiya Janta party’s election campaign in Thane rural constituencies.
bulletred In 2014, he was honored with ‘North East: Man of the decade’ award for his decades of persistent efforts in the development of North East India.
bulletred In October 2014, he was made Prabhari (in-charge) of Tripura State Bharatiya Janta Party unit.
bulletred In 2014, He was presented with “Abhiruchi Award” by Rangpurjyoti Club of Sibsagar, Assam for cementing the bond of friendship between the people of the North East.
bulletred Shri Sunil Deodhar has been Nominated on the Advisory board of The women and child union ministry
bulletred Shri Sunil Deodhar is also a member of the National Children’s Fund s

Major Verticals of My Home India

Bonding with North East India.

Spread across 8 states Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura and Sikkim, North East India is country’s prominent tribal area dotted with variety of languages, cuisines, and attires. It is also has rich deposits of oil, coal, uranium etc. It is among the most beautiful regions of our country.

Connected through a tiny strip of land with rest of country, this region remained in dark age after 50 years of independence but during the regime of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government the focus was shifted to this region and DoNER Ministry (Development of North East Region) was setup and several other program was started for the development of the region and present government is working hard to develop it on priority. The region is plagued with issues such as illegal infiltration of Bangladeshi immigrants, China’s constant intrusion, insurgency etc. This made many to move to rest of India in search of better opportunity

The different looks has resulted in to sort of identity problem in rest of India which is not aware of the NE region as a whole. This sometimes causes misunderstanding between them & local people. Feeling of alienation in one’s own country saddens people from N.E. India & has occasionally resulted in unpleasant incidents. Hence we identified the problems and laid emphasis on increasing awareness about this region and its people all over the country.

My Home India began its activities focusing on the issues pertaining to North East India. Since inception our activities consist the following:

bulletred001 Providing pan India helpline for people of N.E. India
bulletred001 Spreading awareness about N.E. India in other states by conducting seminars on freedom fighters from this region and conducting tours of N.E. India for other states.
bulletred001 Organizing cultural events involving people from N.E. India and other states. We also help N.E. people celebrate local festivals wherever they are staying; helping people from N.E. India mingle with local people.
bulletred001 “Karmayogi Award” in Delhi and “O.N.E. India Award” in Mumbai are given each year to an eminent person who has given their lifetime for development of north east India region in any field of life.
bulletred001 Promoting participation of residents of N.E. India in National Campaigns such as ‘Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan’ so that they get recognition for their efforts for causes of national interest. Various awareness/sensitization programmes, cultural activities and sports meets are held on a regular basis


Sapnon se Apno Tak

My Home India has conceived and implemented an initiative ‘Sapno Se Apno tak’ for reuniting children languishing in Children’s Home all over country.

The challenges

It is a challenge to ensure that country’s future i.e. children get all the resources for their all-round development & they don’t fall prey to traffickers losing their childhood.

However here are some startling facts:

bulletred001 60,000 children abducted in 2011 of which 22000 remain untraced (DOPT) – NGOs put the number much higher. Abducted children are starved to prepare them for professional begging, their limbs are amputated to generate more sympathy as beggars, and much worse, their organs are also reportedly sold for transplant to needy rich persons.
bulletred001 In the age group of 5-18 years, working children population is 49.8 lacs (NSS Survey 2009-10). NGOs put actual figures much higher; close to 10% of these children work in hazardous industries not considered fit even for adults.
bulletred001 It is estimated that around 1.2 million child prostitutes are working in our country (estimates of 2009).

Whether it’s children who ran away from home in search of better opportunities or even children with resources who left home due to wrong influence/misguidance, children kidnapped by child traffickers, children simply lost in crowded places , children abandoned by extended family members on death of either or both of parents, children brought to Children’s Home due to custody battle between family members upon death of parents, children abandoned or even sold by their own parents owing to difficulties, , all these children end up at children’s home after getting rescued from their respective hell-holes. These rescued children requiring protective state custody are sent to Children’s Home till the time they are reunited with their families.

Unlike observation homes which house juvenile offenders sentenced by court, Children’s Homes are meant for rescued children who are innocent & simply victims of situation. Children’s Home are expected to provide secured environment with some basic facilities such as hygienic environment with sanitation, clean water, proper food, medical & psychological care (especially for mentally challenged children), counseling facilities for misguided children & basic educational facilities. Children’s’ Homes also need to put effort in reuniting children with their families since these Children’s Homes are meant to be a transit stay. However some Children’s Home lack the basic facilities quoted above & a very few Children’s Home provide the additional care that mentally challenged rescued children require. Funds allocated to Children’s Home need to be utilized as efficiently as possible. It is a known fact that due to lack of space, some Children’s Home keeps juvenile offenders & rescued children in common cells. The normal children therefore get exposed to criminal world. If the rescued children remain in the Children’s Home for weeks / months / years intermingling with juvenile criminals, this can change their psyche and convert them into criminals Mahatma Gandhi jee once said “Be the change you wish to see in this world”. Following the same ideology, we are doing our bit to eradicate the problem rather than pointing fingers to others. This is where My Home India steps in to reunite the children with their respective families at the earliest

Various activities done as part of this program

Getting details of children & tracking families

As soon as children arrive at Children’ Home, volunteers conduct many rounds of interactions with them to get information & subsequently connect with concerned government offices such as local police station etc. to track children’s family. Some children even belong to migrant laborers with no fixed place. Despite no comprehensive official system, volunteers collaborate with various government departments & collect the bits of information to accomplish this task.

Securing release order & facilitating family in the process

Volunteers of My Home India help families of children to speedily comply with official process of concerned law enforcement bodies, ensuring that children don’t remain away from their families just because of procedural delays.

Razzle Dazzle

Razzle-dazzle of big city can be blinding for a simple family from remote place. My Home India even extends logistical support to such families. Sometimes children need to be sent to Children’s Home of other state. My Home India volunteers shoulder the responsibility for safe travel to other states.

Counseling sessions


An equally important task at the time of reuniting / rehabilitating children is to ensure that they don’t get trapped in this vicious circle again. Sometimes they are just misguided into dreams of a promising life in big city far away from remote villages. My Home India arranges regular sessions and counsels children about importance of attaining basic education etc. before stepping out of their home.

Regular medical camps

Medical Camps

My Home India arranges regular medical camps collecting blood samples of children, doing blood test and providing basic medication. If medical facilities are inadequate at Children’s Homes, My Home India arranges for preventive medical help.

Extended family of children

Extended Family

My Home India celebrates festivals with these children acting as extended family of children. My Home India also conducts special counseling / psychiatric help for the needy children. My Home India regularly provides essential items such as clothes, basic teaching assistance MHI coordinators celebrate their birthdays and festivals with these children’s and inspire others to do so

Rehabilitation of those who can’t go back to their families

My Home India makes utmost efforts in reuniting children with their families. In rare cases when children can’t be reunited with their families, rehabilitation becomes necessary because sending children in such cases back to their family may just aggravate their problems. Necessary care is taken to screen such organizations/ individuals where children are rehabilitated so that children get the appropriate atmosphere they need.

Obliterating root cause of child trafficking & raising awareness

Data related to child trafficking is compiled from children rescued by My Home India and is shared with law enforcement agencies for further action. My Home India also contacts various entities such as SME organizations, RWAs etc. to sensitize them on the issue of child labour.We also conduct awareness workshops / camps at colleges so as to spread awareness of this program amongst the youth and encourage participation of more and more volunteers to spread our message.

Achievements -Till 31st January, 2017

We have reunited 1460 children with their families of 21 states from 29 children homes belonging to four states. This includes 400 girls and 1060 boys, six differently abled children were reunited and 25 children from Nepal and Bangladesh were also reunited

Ministry of women and child development Maharashtra government has Empowered My Home India for “Social audit” for surprise visit and quality inspection of children homes and observation in the state


Other Verticals of My Home India

Dard se humdard tak

Under this project we work in the jails in coordination with the jailors to help those inmates or under trials of the jail who are languishing there for lack of resources like legal services, funds etc .In the bargain the under trials end up staying in the jail for much longer period than the actual term of sentence if convicted .Till now we have given help to more than 40 such people from jails like Ajmer,Dholpur,Jaipur Central jails and secured their release from these jails.

Activities done under Dard se Humdard tak

bulletred001 Provide facilities for poor prisoners in drafting appeals, bail applications, miscellaneous applications, revisions etc and pleaded in the court
bulletred001 Helping prisoners in securing release order and handed over to their family members,
bulletred001 Providing blankets and other useful articles to the poor prisoners,
bulletred001 Constructive programs like tree plantations, cultural programs, Yoga camps,
bulletred001 Large scale awareness sessions about root cause of crime and how to control anger and sudden provocation of heat


Rashtravad par manthan

It is a Programme where we organize debates, conferences and run study circles mainly in colleges, university campuses and intellectuals for spread of nationalism


Samajik Samarasta

For social harmony My Home India arranges Samrasta bhoj in various Bastis, by doing this we aims at removing the casteism prevalent in the society

My Home India celebrates Dr B. R. Ambedkar jayanti on 14 April

Samajik Samarasta



FOUNDER: Shri Sunil Vishwanath Deodhar, M.Sc.(Chem.), B.Ed, EX-RSS PRACHARAK, Now member National Executive BJP, State In-charge of Tripura BJP.

Co-Founder: Shri Chintamani Vishwanath Deodhar, Practicing C.A.

President: Dr. Harish Shetty, Practicing Psychiatrist in Mumbai.

General Secretary: Shri Suhas Samant, C.A.

Chief Ex- Officer: Shri Shravan Jha

P.R.O.: Shri Parag Kamalakar Nerurkar

National Executive

National General Secretary: Shri K G Suresh

Vice President: Shri Ashok Kavadiya

Vice President: Shri Mohit Kamboj

Our Bankers


ADDRESS OF BANK : Matharu arcade, subhash road, vile parle, mumbai- 400057


ACCOUNT NAME : My home india

ACCOUNT NO : 183010100065229

Latest News

ONE India Award 2018 by My Home India in Mumbai

Date: 26 November 2018, 5PM to 8PM
Venue: Swatantrya Veer Savarkar Rastriya Smarak, Shivaji Park, Dadar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra ONE India award is presented every year to an outstanding achiever who has worked for North eastern states & to further bolster nationalistic feeling all across North eastern states.
My Home India look forward to have your presence in this programme
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